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A chronic illness recovery specialist, an IFS (Internal Family Systems), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Family Constellations Practitioner, a women's sexual healing expert and pleasure advocate, a Somatic and Gupta Program Coach & more.

I am here to help guide you on your journey to wellness, embodiment, personal growth and healing.

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A brief introduction

~You can heal yourself ~
~ Pleasure as medicine and empowerment ~
~ Discovering your wholeness- healing to your inner parts and wider family soul imprints ~

The Lotus Process:

8 Steps to Health and Happiness

You Can Heal Chronic Illness, The Lotus Process, 8 Steps to Health and Happiness’ is my new book that became a number 1 best-seller during the Kindle launch in January 2017.


Sexual Healing and pleasure awakening for women 
I provide a safe and sacred space for you to connect to your sensuality and bring healing to anything that stands in the way of your full pleasure capacity. Through exploration and practices, we address emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects, to support your empowerment and liberation.

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IFS (Internal Family Systems) and Family Constellations
As a trained practitioner of IFS (Internal Family Systems) and Family Constellations for many years, and having been on my own deep journey of bringing awareness and healing to my psyche and ancestral burdens, I can support you to both address your internal parts and heal burdens that didn't start with you. This can support you in many ways, such as to be healthy emotionally and physically, to live your own truth in life and to reclaim your full potential. 


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