The Gupta Program
The Gupta Program
Coaching and CFS/MCS Recovery Support with Amygdala Retraining
Gupta Coaching involves assistance with doing the Gupta Amygdala Retraining program and any additional support you may need. This is offered over Zoom. Sessions usually start focused on ensuring you are making space for the techniques and practices in the program in your daily routine, supporting you with your belief in healing and also acceptance of where you are right now. Parts work often comes in at a certain point, such as working with an inner achiever or helper part, helping these parts to relax, and support your full recovery with more connection, and starting to live you life, more from your most loving and wise Self. seller during the Kindle launch in January 2017
I can integrate a variety of therapeutic approaches alongside coaching as and when needed, including Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Internal Family Systems (IFS), Family Constellations, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnotherapy. I draw from my own experience of recovery from 5 years of CFS/ME and over 17 years of working with others on the journey of recovery from CFS and related conditions such as FMS and MCS. In more recent years also experience with supporting people to recover from Long Covid and MCAS.
These sessions could be weekly if necessary, or spaced out as is most useful and appropriate to your circumstances. I only work in packages of sessions so that more progress can be made, and in order to work on releasing the deeper subconscious blocks to recovery, releasing emotions associated with the past that may still be affecting your health and for in depth support on the recovery journey. The cost includes some email support and additional support on your healing journey. It is also possible to arrange shorter appointments, such as half an hour, if this is more manageable at the moment.

For more information of my work with CFS/Fibromyalgia and MCS see here and find out more about working with me here

You can buy the Gupta program here.

"When I started the Gupta Program, I felt some resistance to hiring a coach. I feared that a coach might
ask me to try more practices, or reveal more of myself, than my exhausted nervous system could

But, over time, I realized that I might progress more quickly—and deeply—by working with a
coach, particularly for parts work. I feel extremely lucky to have found Frances. Our individual coaching
sessions give me a profound sense of safety, of being “held.” With her empathy and attentiveness, she
has taught me how to develop true self-love and self-care, showing me how to listen to and reassure the
anxious or younger parts of myself. With her gentle, open style, she has allowed me to discover and
strengthen my own guiding star, my own wise, loving, witnessing Self.

I now approach Gupta retraining not as something I should do but rather as something I want to do because it feels great—like my favorite yoga class! Also, in addition to individual coaching, I have been a part of several small groups of
women with Frances. Each group session helped me to heal more parts of myself and to develop more
compassion for myself and others. With my sharing in these groups of women, my Approval
Seeker—especially my teenage self, who often felt weird and unwelcome around my female
peers—learned to feel safe, accepted, and valued. These two types of coaching with Frances have
helped me to experience not only increased physical strength but also spiritual growth and daily
pleasure and joy. I will always be deeply grateful to her and highly recommend her to any woman on a
healing journey. "

Martha, US