Recommended Practitioners

As my practice is often full, I am creating a resource of a select few coaches, EFT practitioners and therapists that I can personally recommend to you.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are using the Gupta programme and found me through this programme, you can explore the range of Gupta coaches available here.

If you found me through my website, book or another source, here are some recommended practitioners to work with:

Joanne Harris

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Joanne Harris is from Sheffield.  She is a Reiki Master and an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner. She is close to a full recovery journey from CFS/ME and she credits her recovery thus far to Reiki, EFT, using the Ashok Gupta Retraining Programme, dietary changes and attending Retreats.  She practises daily meditation and enjoys Yoga, Tai Chi and walking in nature. She is also interested in energy medicine. Joanne feels passionate about using the tools and knowledge she has acquired during her journey to help others recover from their own illnesses.

Joanne offers EFT and Reiki in the Sheffield/Chesterfield area. EFT sessions can also be given by skype or over the telephone.

For more information or for a 15 minutes’ free consultation please contact Joanne:


Phone:   07708488194

Katie Henry


Katie Henry is life and business coach for highly sensitive young women. She is the founder of the Luna Sisterhood, a global community to promote healing and sisterhood for young women. She works with women between the ages of 18 and 34 who are encountering challenges with their health, career, and relationships. She is trained in EFT, NLP and getting her life coach certification through Jeannine Yoder’s Mentor MasterClass. You can read more about her work at on her website:

Steve Allen


Steve Allen is an Energy Coach, Healer and EFT practitioner. He teaches many simple, quick and effective tools that you can implement easily in your life. You can work together with Steve in great detail on whatever it is you want to achieve whether it’s in your health, financial life, relationships, career, your dreams and emotional limiting beliefs. We will work together to simply deal with any obstacles in the way.  Steve has studied and been trained by world class mentors and coaches and utilise all the tools in his everyday life. He believes there is something really GREAT in all of us and I want to help you tap into that hidden greatness that you may have been hiding from the world. Even if you already know what it is, let us supercharge it so you can live from your heart with love and adventure. Steve’s website to contact him:

Andrea Lambert

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My name is Andrea and amongst other things I’m a mum, an artist and a life skills guide. My Intention is to help each individual create flexibility of behaviour, expanded awareness, mentally, physically and spiritually and positive lasting and autonomous changes in themselves through guided calm experiences and take away exercises. I am qualified through the ABNLP as a Master Practitioner of the following: Master NLP /Master Coach /Master Hypnosis/ Master Time Line Therapy ™.  I am also qualified in Massage, Reiki, as a Teacher in Adult Education and a Meditation Teacher and I can incorporate some or all of the above within my interventions or as separate elements for positive change work.  If you’d like to know more, then please contact Andrea on 07572 445 416 or email me at:





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