Sensual somatics
Sensual somatics

Frances Goodall, the innovative mind behind The Lotus Process, a renowned Gupta Coach, expert in chronic illness recovery, and passionate advocate for women's pleasure, extends a warm invitation to all women and individuals with vulvas to:

Enhance your pleasure and unlock your orgasmic potential, empowering yourself to lead a life of vibrant health and joy, celebrating each day to the fullest!

Inside this deeply immersive experience you will

➡️ Explore somatic, energy and nervous system practices to regulate your nervous system, heal trauma and support an inner ecology that doesn’t just survive, but thrives. 

➡️ Tap into exponential resilience by connecting to your feelings and your pleasure as a true source of power-making you emotionally and energetically stronger than ever before!  

➡️ Enter into a safe and loving space to explore your inner world with IFS (Internal Family Systems), discovering parts that stand in the way of your full embodied pleasure, joy and bliss

➡️ Fall in love with your feminine body, your pleasure, your womb-space and your sensuality, by exploring the sacredness of pleasure as medicine.

➡️ Reclaim your true source of feminine power as you connect to the wisdom, pleasure and flow of your menstrual cycle or menopause moon cycle phases which invite you to live a deeply balanced life.

As part of this programme you will get:

  • 5 themed 75-minute Sensual Somatics Group sessions to become a woman that lives a life of vibrant health, pleasure and celebrates every single day!
  • 5 healing 75-minute Sensual Somatics Group Coaching Sessions to receive intimate guidance, IFS, EFT and coaching from Frances on your path of ‘’sensual somatics’’, and to get all of your questions answered.
  • Connection with a supportive group throughout the program via a group messaging platform like WhatsApp, Telegram, or an email thread. I'm available for personalised support Monday through Friday, offering up to 15 minutes per week, with a one-week break each month during my menstrual cycle. 

Sensual somatics curriculum

  • Month 1Creating an Inner Ecology of Pleasure

    Session 1:

    • Somatic and nervous system practices to restore and reset, and support healing trauma and attachment wounds
    • Working with the power of embodying love, safety and belonging to support you to thrive
    • Breast Massage as an initial pleasure self-care practice

    Session 2:

    • Group Coaching and IFS (Internal Family Systems): to process and work through what’s coming up for you around ‘Creating an Inner Ecology of Pleasure.’
  • Month 2Pleasure as Medicine

    Session 1

    • Pleasure, joy and orgasm as nourishment, resources, safety and expansion for your body and nervous system
    • Connecting to and enhancing the pleasure potential of your breasts, womb, cervix and g-spot
    • Discover how to nurture your capacity for complete embodied and energetic pleasure, allowing you to exude radiant joy.

    Session 2

    • Group Coaching and IFS: to process and work through what’s coming up for you around ‘Pleasure as Medicine’.
  • Month 3Emotions as Power

    Session 1

    • Flowing with emotions, and alchemising them with pleasure
    • Emotions as energy
    • Fear, anger and grief transformation
    • Group Coaching and IFS: to process and work through what’s coming up for you around ‘Emotions as Power’
  • Month 4Sacred Feminine Cycle and Womb Love

    Session 1

    • The menstrual cycle and womb as power and pleasure (or focus on the moon and outer seasonal cycles)
    • Embracing the gifts of the internal winter, spring, summer and autumn cycles, and the fluctuations in your relationship to sex and pleasure
    • Cycle tracking and womb love

    Session 2

    • Group Coaching and IFS: to process and work through what’s coming up for you around the ‘Sacred Feminine Cycle and Womb Love’
  • Month 5Expanding Pleasure & Orgasmic Manifestation

    Session 1

    • Orgasmic manifestation practice for connecting to and moving towards your deeper purpose, that can be engaged with from wherever you are now on your journey with your body.
    • Grow your potential for orgasmic and ecstatic experiences.
    • Develop a path forward that prioritises pleasure in your life and working with pleasure to support you to manifest your dreams.

    Session 2

    • Group Coaching and IFS: to process and work through what’s coming up for you around ‘Expanding Pleasure and Orgasmic Manifestation’

Sensual somatics dates for your diaries 

Sessions are scheduled to commence at 11 am PST / 7 pm UK time starting on May 21st. Most weeks will feature sessions until the end of July, with occasional breaks for integration, and the entire month of August will be off (specific dates to be confirmed). Sessions will continue until the end of September.

Sensual somatics investment

Secure your spot at a discounted rate of £444 with our "Early Bird" offer, available in exchange for a testimonial, as this program is being run for the first time. After May 7th, the price will increase to £497. Act now to take advantage of this special rate, as future iterations of the program will cost considerably more, potentially double or more!

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  • BONUS 1: EFT for Healing Programme to master the power of the emotional freedom technique to bring healing to your stress response and claim vibrant health
  • BONUS 2: Guided Orgasmic Manifestation Audio that will support you to embody your life of meaning and pleasure every single day.
  • BONUS 3: Access to inspiring interviews and practices from female world leaders in personal growth and healing to support and expand your learning and empowerment to live your most radiant and healthy life.

PAYMENT PLAN: 3 monthly payments of £177

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ABOVE BONUSES are released after 2nd month


“Frances is an amazing Coach, Spirit and Soul. I am truly blessed to have found her as my Coach. She has gently guided me through the most challenging times of chronic illness. Knowing that buried deep down we have the innate capacity to heal our bodies, she brought light to the blocks that stood between me and recovery. I am deeply grateful to Frances, to her wisdom, and to her whole Being – she has accompanied me back to Health and Happiness.”

Djuwi~ now a Junior GP Coach

"Small group coaching was the key to taking my recovery to the next level. I really wanted a coach and at first was really resistant to the idea of a group coaching setting, but something nudged me towards it and it turned out it was just what I needed. I had no idea until I started the group how many issues I had around trust, validation and connection to other people. I instantly found a group of people who understood me completely - I didn’t feel I had to explain or justify myself, I was able to open up and just find deep listening and understanding. That validation of my experience was foundational for me to move forward into the next level of my journey. And then the work really started with going deeper, being held by the group. Frances made us all feel safe, heard and gave us each time to go through challenging issues with the support of the others there. It was transformational. And I met people I am still in touch with, who are as much a part of my journey now as I am!"

Jen Evans - now a GP Coach

“Before beginning the group, I wondered if an online group would be effective. Would I feel safe enough to share?  With my chronic illness condition, I was feeling very isolated and alone; no one around me understanding my condition. However, once I began the group, I found women who were going through similar issues and felt their support helping me know I was not alone. Frances’ calm demeanour, wisdom and compassion allowed me to feel safe. Her guided meditations (both in the group and on YouTube) have helped to rewire my nervous system to feel more relaxed.  As my nervous system calmed,  my energy improved! It’s like a miracle! I have gone from being bed bound to 90% health!!I am forever grateful to have experienced so much healing and gained significant insight from Frances. I HIGHLY recommend her group for anyone on the journey of healing.”

Cindy - M.A., Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern 

Frances Goodall is an IFS Practitioner, chronic fatigue recovery specialist, Gupta Coach, Family Constellations Practitioner and pleasure advocate. She co-founded The Women’s Wellness Circle offering group support for women on a healing path and is the author of You Can Heal Chronic Illness: The Lotus Process, 8 Steps to Health and Happiness. She has gone from house-bound with chronic fatigue to running half-marathons, and has since spent over 15 years dedicating her life to supporting people all over the world to recover from CFS and related conditions, to heal trauma and in creating a life full of pleasure, joy and meaning.