Are you struggling with orgasm, pleasure or creating the love and intimacy you desire?

Do you have past relational trauma?

Do you simply want to expand your orgasm and pleasure potential and experience profound bliss in your body and mind?

Regaining or connecting deeply to your pleasure and sexuality can feel challenging.

You may find yourself thinking:

  • Will I ever have an orgasm?
  • I feel like I’m missing out on the fullness of life
  • I need help but I don’t know who to turn to
  • Is there something wrong with me?

You may also find yourself feeling lonely and feeling disconnected from your body.

It doesn’t have to be this way….

How would it feel to be able to:

  • Feel more calmness, along with expanded energy and pleasure
  • Step powerfully onto a clearly defined path to orgasmic bliss
  • Find relief from past traumas and emotional triggers related to sex and intimacy
  • Engage with your innate aliveness and the whole of life more fully
  • Go on to lead a life full of pleasure and love

We can carry trauma and numbness in our pelvis and sexual organs from past abuse, or simply from the trauma of living in a society that has a very skewed relationship with sex. Even ancestral trauma can leave an imprint on our own bodies, blocking us from experiencing our innate sexual life energy.

I share a little more in this video about why I’m passionate about including this aspect in my wellness coaching work.

About me

I am a Sex, Love and Relation Coach, a wellbeing coach, an official Gupta coach, an IFS practitioner and an advanced EFT Practitioner. Years ago I healed myself from debilitating CFS in which at times left me housebound for days on end. I healed with deeper inner work including support from NLP, EFT and bodywork. For over 15 years I have been supporting others on a wellness journey and in recent years I have been supporting women to reclaim their full pleasure, joy and orgasmic potential too. 

You can heal and expand to your full pleasure potential too.

"Since we started working together I have developed a very different, more empowered and easier attitude towards sex. I was non-sexual and had been, to some degree, for many, many years. I've now started to be sexual again, and to embrace the possibilities for my future, discovering who I am sexually, seeing sex now as a gift and a natural part of being human. I find myself thinking more about what I like, how I want to be in the world, how I might start to venture towards that (e.g. thinking about what clothes I might enjoy wearing, instead of my jeans "uniform").

It's very gentle and light and at the same time very powerful and deep! Frances makes me feel totally comfortable, safe and supported. Sometimes the sessions have barely been about sex at all - the focus has been on meeting and clearing what has been standing in the way of my being sexual, which is sometimes surprising and not at all what I would have predicted. There has also been a lot of laughter. The whole process is creative and has playful elements. I really feel Frances hears me and is on my side.

There's nothing to be frightened or ashamed of. Even if frightening things come up, the space is held so that it feels safe. Thanks so much for the work so far. I'm excited about what the final few sessions will bring." 


How would it feel to have a trusted guide to help you on your journey? 

Each month, I offer a limited number of one to one Clarity Sessions by Zoom. During this 50 minute consult, I’ll help you get clear on what may be keeping you stuck in symptoms and how you can move towards wellness and we’ll discuss future work together and see if it’s a fit.

If you think I might be the person to support you to enhance your capacity for pleasure please apply for a Clarity Session below.