Is chronic illness leaving you feeling isolated and alone? 

Do you struggle to maintain self-care routines on your own?

Would the compassion, support and affirmation of a community of like-minded women be welcome?

The transformational potential of a circle of women is proven. Coming together, we create a healing field that amplifies each woman’s potential to become and stay radiantly well.

How would it feel to:

  • Find sisterhood so that you are seen for who you truly are and surrender into greater presence?
  • Learn, adapt and schedule daily self-care and pleasure routines that will give you power to calm your nervous system, reclaim your energy and press the button on aliveness- every single day.
  • Unravel the wounds of previous toxic relationships so that you can activate new relational ways of being with yourself and others, including strengthening your boundaries?
  • Regenerate your body as you free yourself from the cycle of fatigue, stress and trauma so that you can cultivate joy, pleasure and health?

Discover how my Small Group Coaching can help you!

Would you like to learn how to take your health into your own hands and gain power in your recovery journey? Would you like to hear about the healing benefits of being in community? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, I invite you to listen as I share how I overcame chronic fatigue and went on to develop an 8-step path to healing.

About me

I am a wellbeing coach, an official Gupta coach and an advanced EFT Practitioner. Years ago I healed myself from debilitating CFS in which at times left me housebound for days on end. I healed with deeper inner work including tools from NLP, EFT and bodywork. For over 12 years I have been supporting others on a wellness journey.

You can heal too.

Discover how my Small Group Coaching can help you!

“Small group coaching was the key to taking my recovery to the next level. I really wanted a coach and at first was really resistant to the idea of a group coaching setting, but something nudged me towards it and it turned out it was just what I needed.

I had no idea until I started the group how many issues I had around trust, validation and connection to other people. I instantly found a group of people who understood me completely – I didn’t feel I had to explain or justify myself, I was able to open up and just find deep listening and understanding. That validation of my experience as foundational for me to move forward into the next level of my journey.

And then the work really started with going deeper, being held by the group. Frances made us all feel safe, heard and gave us each time to go through challenging issues with the support of the others there. It was transformational. And I met people I am still in touch with, who are as much a part of my journey now as I am!”

Jen Evans
Coach and author

How would it feel to have a trusted guide to help you on your journey? 

Each month, I offer a limited number of one to one Wellbeing Clarity Sessions by phone, Zoom or Skype. During this 40 minute consult, I’ll help you get clear on what may be keeping you stuck in symptoms and how you can move towards wellness and we’ll discuss future work together and see if it’s a fit.

If you think small group work might be key to your recovery journey, please apply for a Clarity Session below.

Discover how my Small Group Coaching can help you!