Tantra Coaching for Couples or Singles

Thanks for your interest in Tantra Coaching for Couples or Singles

Having graduated from the core certification for my 650 hour VITA
    Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching with Layla Martin

in 2020 and also completing deepening training in Female Sexuality, Tantric Sex and Female Empowerment, I am delighted to be offering tantra coaching to couples!

This work has been revelatory for me in my ongoing journey of opening pathways for more wellness, joy, pleasure and ecstasy. As I explore how I can open more into sensuality and pleasure, I'm finding extraordinary ways to bring my own power through to every area of my life - whether working, being with my partner, playing, resting, mothering, meditating.....

How to take part in these sessions
If you're interested in taking part in a series of coaching sessions, you can book a free chat with me here




50 Minute Session

If you'd like to book 50 minute session to explore working together and one of the areas listed below or Tantra as a single or couple (where we explore practices such as awakening your sacred body, expanding pleasure, healing massage and more) you can do so for an initial taster price of £95 here , and read below for the costs of a program of working together.

The kind of explorations we can take in Tantra Coaching are:

  • The Sacred Body
  • Better and Sacred Sex 
  • Communications exercises to support your partnership
  • The Sensual Sexual Adventure
  • Sensual Massage
  • Full Body Orgasm
  • Sacred Sex - Sex and Spirit Lovemaking
  • Sacred Sex - Primal Sacred Sex
  • Sacred Sex - Chakra Play: Sex Magic
  • Chakra Play: Chakra Lovemaking

As well as the tantric approach I learnt through VITA I draw on over 15 years experience as a coach certified in multiple modalities including Life Coaching, Emotional Freedom Technique, Internal Family Systems and Family Constellations.

Words from a client:

Since we started working together I have developed a very different, more empowered and easier attitude towards sex. I was non-sexual and had been, to some degree, for many, many years. I’ve now started to be sexual again, and to embrace the possibilities for my future, discovering who I am sexually, seeing sex now as a gift and a natural part of being human. I find myself thinking more about what I like, how I want to be in the world, how I might start to venture towards that (e.g. thinking about what clothes I might enjoy wearing, instead of my jeans “uniform”.

It’s very gentle and light and at the same time very powerful and deep! Frances makes me feel totally comfortable, safe and supported. Sometimes the sessions have barely been about sex at all – the focus has been on meeting and clearing what has been standing in the way of my being sexual, which is sometimes surprising and not at all what I would have predicted. There has also been a lot of laughter. The whole process is creative and has playful elements. I really feel Frances hears me and is on my side.

There’s nothing to be frightened or ashamed of. Even if frightening things come up, the space is held so that it feels safe. Thanks so much for the work so far. I’m excited about what the final few sessions will bring.” Debbie

I detail it below, the more you book, the lower the cost you get and the more space and time to go deeper into your personal process. I'm suggesting booking in for a series of 10 sessions to cover all the rich processes that we can in our time together


10 session package of Tantra Coaching £1222

3 session package of Tantra Coaching £375

Packages include email support and resources sent to you in between sessions to support your journey through the series.

You save a bit when you book a series of sessions, just contact me with which package you’d like and I’ll send over an invoice. 

More on me

I am a wellbeing coach, an official Gupta coach, an advanced EFT Practitioner, a Tantra Coach and a Sex and Pleasure Coach for women. 

Years ago I healed myself from debilitating CFS which at times left me housebound for days on end. I healed with deep inner work and the steps I outlined in my book, and I’ve also become fascinated by our body’s potential for pleasure and ecstasy which expanded the more deeply I healed my body and nervous system. 

I’ve been coaching for over 16 years and am thrilled to have (since 2020) added Sex and Pleasure Coaching for women and Tantra Coaching to my work. 

You can experience pleasure and ecstasy too. 

How would it feel to have a trusted guide to help you on your journey? As someone who has been there too and has years of experience supporting others on their healing path, I know you can expand your pleasure potential and I’d love to help guide you.