Read on for what people have shared about how my work has benefitted them.


I’ve been working for over 12 years in support of those on a recovery path from chronic illness, and those seeking to live a life full of energy and creativity.



Testimonials from small group coaching work

  • I really enjoyed being part of Frances' small group programme. I felt supported by the regular meetings, by the way she held the group and by sharing the journey with others.....When it was my turn to work with Frances, it was at a time when I really needed support and the tapping and visualising my inner child helped with creating a sense of safety in that moment. It may sound small, but it was actually huge that Frances supported me in being as I am, encouraging me to keep my camera on if I wanted to when others were worried by my emotional releases. To be affirmed in having strong emotional releases, and to know that I didn't need to take responsibility for others' reaction to these was very healing for me. Learning from Frances' journey and seeing how healthy, relaxed and vibrant she is now was so inspiring to me."
  • Small group coaching was the key to taking my recovery to the next level. I really wanted a coach and at first was really resistant to the idea of a group coaching setting, but something nudged me towards it and it turned out it was just what I needed. I had no idea until I started the group how many issues I had around trust, validation and connection to other people. I instantly found a group of people who understood me completely - I didn’t feel I had to explain or justify myself, I was able to open up and just find deep listening and understanding. That validation of my experience as foundational for me to move forward into the next level of my journey. And then the work really started with going deeper, being held by the group. Frances made us all feel safe, heard and gave us each time to go through challenging issues with the support of the others there. It was transformational. And I met people I am still in touch with, who are as much a part of my journey now as I am!
    Jen Evans

Testimonials from one-to-one coaching work

  • "Frances has an ability to put you at ease very quickly. Her sensitivity, intuition and knowledge is first class when dealing with issues surrounding the cause and symptoms of Serious Disease. She has profoundly helped me along my journey to wellness and happiness after many years of ill health. I recommend her with every confidence to anyone else wishing to recover their health or make other significant changes in their life."
  • "Frances is a professional through and through with a deep commitment to her clients and working in the same profession, I would highly recommend her services. Her treatment with Bowen certainly put me on a healing path following an ankle injury. Having been in severe pain and unable to walk for almost a year I was absolutely at my wits' end. My ankle was showing no signs of improvement and as a therapist myself I had tried everything. The only help from the medical profession was painkillers, which upset my stomach, and physio which exacerbated the condition."
    Kate Bell
  • "It was one of the best things I have ever done in my life and I now feel levels of happiness and peace within myself which I never imagined were possible; not just recovery from ME/CFS which was what I was striving for during those painful years but a much better understanding of myself - in such a way that I have also managed to successfully grief the lost years of my life and make sense of it, so that I can move on and be more fully alive in the world. After around 20 years, I can tentatively say that I’m well now. I have been consistently well for some time....It’s absolutely possible to recover and put it behind you and start afresh. I know this, because I did it myself. Thank you so much Frances for believing in me and supporting me. I owe a lot to you."
  • Six years ago, I became completely disabled with MCS. 2 years ago I began Amygdala Retraining with the Gupta Programme and am well again. When I was ill, I couldn’t tolerate anything, inside and outside of my home everything made me react. I ate very little, lost lots of weight, was extremely fatigued. Of course I had to stop working. I began AR and gradually I have regained my health. During this period I have been coached by Gupta Coach Frances Goodall by phone from the UK which has been invaluable, especially using EFT. Recently I took two airplane trips, one of which allowed me to attend my father’s 90th birthday party. I am also refurnishing my home. I was redecorating when I became ill and have been living with no living room or dining room furniture all these years. As well, I have reactivated my clinical social work license (psychotherapy) and am making plans to return to my professional life. I am so grateful to Frances and my physicians at home for giving me my life back!"​
  • "The short version of my recovery story is that 2 and a half years ago I was extremely ill: I had been bed and wheelchair-bound with CFS/Fibromyalgia for about a year and had lost any ability to lead anything like a normal life. At that point my life had been reduced to basic survival; 28 months down the line I am 80-90% back to normal levels of functioning in terms of activity levels with the help of the Gupta programme and Frances' coaching. In short, I have my life back."
  • "Frances is an amazing Coach, Spirit and Soul. I am truly blessed to have found her as my Coach. She has gently guided me through the most challenging times of chronic illness. Knowing that buried deep down we have the innate capacity to heal our bodies, she brought light to the blocks that stood between me and recovery. I am deeply grateful to Frances, to her wisdom, and to her whole Being - she has accompanied me back to Health and Happiness."

Testimonials from workshop attendees

  • Cassy
    So much love, well organised all in all, financially accessible and bringing together really interesting women
  • Vicky
    Thought the whole idea of connecting with your womb space was enlightening and allowed me to connect with my divine feminine power…
  • I just wanted to let you know that I am fully recovered from ME/CFS now and doing my NVQ to train to be a teaching assistant in a primary school. The day gave me clarity, strength, support and reassurance…
    Fiona C
  • I attended a ME Recovery weekend in Sheffield co-facilitated with Frances. I was making a reasonable recovery at the time, having suffered from ME for many years, but stuck in a plateau and the weekend helped me focus on what I needed to do in order to continue my recovery and climb up to the next rung of the recovery ladder - and continue climbing! It was a solution-orientated weekend; we looked at the causes of ME and at techniques for bringing the body into the healing state such as EFT, Reiki, breathing, mindfulness process. There was a good balance of theory, practical application and time-out for meditation. The booklet which accompanied the course had been well thought out and written, and is useful on-going reference material. Frances was mindful of meeting everyone's different needs over the weekend, and all the participants were actively sharing ideas for recovery and learning from one another's experiences. We had a useful follow-up day 6 weeks later, when setting goals for our continued recovery was helpful. I would certainly highly recommend courses with Frances. Each of us may take away something different, perhaps just one thing someone said or we that read, that will take us that bit further forward in our healing journey...
    Kate Mallatratt

Testimonials from EFT Training and EFT clients

  • Your demos were inspiring and felt like a transmission of presence. You have come so far and your light is shining!
  • I saw Frances regularly for over a year in 2012/ 2013 for EFT sessions, I also attended her EFT level 1 training. At the time i had been diagnosed with a small brain tumour. I was also suffering with thyroid disease and had developed some phobias and anxieties. I found not only doing EFT with Frances, but also learning it for myself extremely powerful as a technique, and I would credit it as a large part of my healing. I would recommend learning EFT to anyone, especially with Frances. She is extremely grounded, understanding, patient and kind. Although I no longer have EFT sessions I use EFT on myself any time I start to feel pain or anxiety and have also taught others to do so.