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April 21, 2021
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April 12, 2024

Many a woman who have healed from chronic illness knows this truth: a circle of women around her was key to her full recovery.

This is because when we have nurturing social connections, it’s easier to express and process our emotions, whether anger, fear or joy. And our emotional nature affects our endocrine and immune systems – we instinctively know this truth from our own menstrual cycles.

Illustrating this, author and speaker Gabor Mate quotes an Australian study of 550 women with tumours in their breasts.

The study found that:

    • if a woman had had a significant stressful incident in her life just prior to the onset of the breast lump, that had no impact on whether the lump turned malignant.
    • If a woman was emotionally isolated, that also had no impact on the malignancy of the lump
    • BUT – if a woman was both emotionally isolated and significantly stressed, the risk of the lump becoming cancerous was nine times greater than the average

So, what stops you from reaching out? Are you anxious about opening up to a group of women?

I get it.

I get all the reasons why you might tell yourself it’s too scary to walk with others on your recovery journey. I understand you might not see the point, or perhaps you tried group work before and it didn’t work.

I get it because not only have I been through that anxiety myself, I’ve coached hundreds of women on their way to wellness, who have told me of their anxieties about group work, social interaction, being vulnerable. That’s why, right from the outset, I create a circle that offers deep safety, confidentiality and trust.

But, beyond this, there’s one good reason why you should seriously consider joining my next small group….

It works.

But don’t take my word for it….

Here’s what women say about my small group work….

“I was craving support, but I was looking to remove myself as much from other people as possible, to avoid the difficult feelings and behaviour that I experienced when around people…..

When I joined the small coaching group I found a new and different space than anything I had ever experienced. I became aware of how little I trusted others, how guarded I had become and how closed off.

II got the most unexpected things back: understanding, space and air to express myself, validation, deep listening, feedback, holding, empathy, and the one thing I was yearning for the most, connection.”  Jen Evans, author and wellness coach

“I really enjoyed being part of Frances’ small group programme. I felt supported by the regular meetings, by the way she held the group and by sharing the journey with others…..When it was my turn to work with Frances, it was at a time when I really needed support and the tapping and visualising my inner child helped with creating a sense of safety in that moment. It may sound small, but it was actually huge that Frances supported me in being as I am, encouraging me to keep my camera on if I wanted to when others were worried by my emotional releases..” Mim

My next small group taster is on Tuesday 1st June at 11am EST/ 4pm UK time. Just sign up here if you’d like to join, the suggested contribution is £10 for this session.

My next small group coaching opportunity starts 7th June, and is a deepening coaching programme designed for those of you who have worked with me 1-1 or in a small group before. Find out all the information here.

If you’re keen but haven’t worked with me before you can book a 1-1 consultation with me here.

Want to join group coaching at this time, but are in genuine financial need? Let me know…

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