Spiritual Emergence Support

Spiritual Emergence Support

Spiritual Emergence is a term used to describe someone undergoing a process of spiritual transformation. Sometimes this process can be overwhelming and challenging for the individual and has also been called a Spiritual Emergency or a Spiritual Crisis.

“It is possible to undergo a profound crisis involving non-ordinary experiences and to perceive it as pathological or psychiatric when in fact it may be more accurately and beneficially defined as a spiritual emergency”- Stanislav Grof

The symptoms of a spiritual emergency can include both psychological and physical such as psychotic states, everything seeming unreal, intense fear, involuntary body movements/sounds, mystical states, increased sensitivity to food and environment, periods of high energy followed by fatigue and many more. Some of these symptoms are attributed to the rising of energy in the body, called Kundalini in Eastern Mysticism. The experience can be triggered by intensive spiritual practice, trauma, or seemingly from nowhere.

This is subject I feel passionate about sharing, having experienced a spiritual crisis myself following intensive meditation and spiritual practice while unwell with CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), yet having found a way through the difficult aspects into a place of greater peace and integration. Indeed into a place of gratitude for all who assisted this opening and assimilation, and wanting to assist others through the process. Indeed waking up to a fuller sense of who you are doesn’t have to be challenging, and in the right context and with the right support it is the most liberating experience for any human being.

For more information on this phenomena look up The Spiritual Crisis Network.

A few years ago I started a group in Sheffield for people who are going through this process, or indeed are simply interested in spirituality from any religious or nonreligious background. These days the group is at Airy Fairy in Sheffield and runs monthly on a Saturday, to find out more information please email: scnsheffield@gmail.com

I can also offer individual support with a blend of the different therapies I do. Please contact me for more information.

To see me on Conscious TV discussing Spiritual Crisis:

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